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Trash Talking


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I think Rashad Evans does a great job at hyping up his fights without using TOO much trash talking.


He just thinks very highly of himself' date=' which he has every right to.[/quote']


I've seen a few quotes of his that have been pretty good. I haven't seen a lot of his matches but I have been impressed with the ones I have watched. My personal favorite would have to be the back and forth between Lesnar and Mir. Both of them were funny. But since I just started watching I wondered who others thought did a good job.

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I gotta give it up to Serra for the whole "I can't lose to a dude with a tramp stamp" blast on Trigg. He has had some of the best over the years.

And I have noticed the Brit guys do a good job with their smack talk, at least Daley and Hardy.

Tito was famous for it both before and after fights, anyone remember his run of lame T-shirt shots at fighters?

I don't look at Mir's as smack, he is just really confident and says what he thinks is the truth.

Matt Hughes could always piss people off with his smug superiority and complete lack of respect shown to his opponents.

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Best = Tito, as much as I loathe him with the whit hot intensity of a thousand suns he did manage to suck me into being interested in watching him fight grandpa Shamrock 3 times and in fighting Forrest again. For that he deserves a medal. So for making me hate him enough to want to see him get KTFO Tito earns the top spot.


Worst = BJ Penn, his smack talk of GSP was unfunny, unintelligent and embarrassing. And while the humiliating beating he received should have been enough to shut his punk quitter **** up it didn't and he still continues to make a fool of himself.

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