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Why do so many people think Rashad sucks?


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Stop with these stupid Rashad threads. IF you need to' date=' ask three questions in one thread and stop creating new ones.

No one cares.[/quote']


I think they do care because they are responding. I think its you that gets your panties in a bunch when we talk the truth about your hero Rashad....lol....


Don't read it **** head and don't worry about telling someone else what to do.

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ok guys...lets stay on topic here...


plain and simple...hes a good fighter, sure as hell aint the best, bust hes better than a good number of guys.


BUT CAN WE PLEASE GIVE HIM A REALITY CHECK!! Rashad thinks hes gods gift to the sport! If it wasnt for that ****y and arrogant attitude he'd be more respected!!


And I give him a little credit on this last fight with Silva, he worked him the first 2 rounds but at the same time Silva didnt do much. The 3rd round however was straight crap!! He stayed away from Silva that round trying to secure a victory through the judges. Some people call it strategy but this is a sport of FIGHTING...so fight, dont stay away in the last round.


So as a fighter he's good, could be better...but that attitude makes him a scumbag!!

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