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Akiyama's next fight?


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Hi everyone I am one of many who got disappointed with Akiyama getting slated off of his possible fight with Wanderlei Silva. I think Akiyama deserves more attention due to his good skills as a fighter. Here are a few possible opponents that I came up with and I want your thoughts on them and share your possible fighter that Akiyama should fight.


Michael Bisping: If he beats Wanderlei Silva. (Possible match to give the winner the right to fight for the championship)


Alan Belcher: Possible rematch to get into the title contention. Alan is a very talented fighter with alof of upside. I think these two will meet again one more time.


Anderson Silva: I know Akiyama is not there yet, but I think it is a possibility.


Forrest Griffin: Ridiculous I think. Forrest got a big win against Ortiz, after his embarrassing lose to Anderson Silva.


I want everyone's opinion

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I wouldn't mind seeing a fight with him and Okami. Airing it in Japan would pull huge PPV buys. I would also like to see a rematch with Belcher.



Ive said it a few times before and I know it wouldn't be his next fight but if (when) GSP beats Hardy, a good first fight at MW for GSP would be Akiyama. There so many fans in Canada and Japan it would be huge. Also, I think it would show if GSP could hang with a skilled MW fighter.

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