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Who do u think the TUF 12 coaches ??


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I think its a farce, its Dana white showing favoritism towards his little boy (iceman) , since he's been away from the octagon for this long hes' probly got bills piled up so what better way than to get him back on tv to make some quick change. In my personal opinion, there were a hundred differnt options of people to have been chosen for coaches, these 2 are im sorry to say , used up and done , after seeing the forrest fight against Tito, hes slower than he's ever been, all that talk about "ima smash his face with my elbows" blah, he was gassed into the 2nd round, and it was a boring fight, he's slow, and there's a reason he held the LHW belt for the longest, its because in the time that he held it , the talent pool was sub par at best, whereas now , its full of very talented fighters. I realy think its a mistake putting Chuck back into the octagon, his chin has become so suspect, that light taps are putting him to sleep, I am not bashing on him, he was a great fighter in his time, he's done his time, ..hang em up iceman, let some of the younger guys step into the ring, you've done your time.

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