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TUF season id like to see


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instead of past formats, i think its time for somthing different

past episodes have all had guys with some experience in the cage, or substantial skills in another arena- wrestling, muai tai boxing etc.


how about this


take 16 average joe's with NO fight experience at all, NO training at all. just your average guy off the street. just to see if its possible to take an average guy and turn him into a true fighter capable of competing in the octogon.

this wouldnt be a 1 month session at the house- it'd have to be longer, like 12 months at least. it would be easier to film and produce the show because there would be tons of footage, so putting together an interesting show for each week would be easy.

have top notch world class trainers come in and teach them all boxing , BJJ ,muai tai, as basics along with an intensive weight training and cardio program for the first six months, then a skills assesment after 6 months, to determine each candidate's strenghth and weaknesses, so they can concentrate on filling the gaps in thier game.

after 12 months, take the 6 best fighters , throw them in with a group of "normal " fighters on a standard season of TUF.


i think this would be WAY more interesting to see



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I always thought that would be neat to see, but i would like to see the regular show. this idea could be a good alternate inbetween seasons or something. It would be neat to see if they could become good enough to compete in the UFC (even though it takes years for athletes, wrestlers, etc to become good enough). but still interesting idea.

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problem with this idea is they would still suck horribly in the end. the main reason they choose people with some fight history is to try and get a star out of it all .. if you thought last season of TUF sucked youd have another thin coming watching this idea unfold .. i doubt anyone would wanna watch people train for very long.. and then turn around and have a bunch of windmillers try and act like they are fighting

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