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nate marquardt


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if (and when) nate 'the great' beats Chael Sonnen (24-10-1) at ufc 109 will that make him the no.1 contender and get another shot at the title? hes on a 3 fight win streak at the moment coming off an incredible knouckout of the then undefeated Damian Maia.


or do u think that dana will make him fight 1 more top middleweight before getting another shot?


maybe a match up with franklin?

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Nates great hes one of my favorites


even when everyone thought Hendo deserved the shot over Nate i still thought Nate Had improved the most overall alot more than Hendo did


Nate was also overall more impressive in his overall past 3 fights than Hendo was even though the Bisping KO was impressive Nate was still far more impressive.


Id also like to see Nate vs Belfort i think Nate would come away with the win


i dont even think Belfort deserves the shot he didnt even come in weight at the franklin fight and that was a catch weight at 195 and if he struggled to make 195 imagine how hes gonna fair with the cut to 185


i know he fought at middleweight but still

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