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Best bjj in ufc


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This thread is clearly a joke, but considering Forrest actually has a good ground game and is a brown belt in BJJ, I don't quite understand why he's on the poll with people who are either known for having not much jiu-jitsu, are fictional or are professional boxers! Doesn't really make sense considering Forrest has a credible jiu-jitsu game, it's not like he's a complete joke on the ground.

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So im just wondering who you guys think has the best brazlian jui jitsu in the ultimate fighting championship' date=' feel free to discuss ive. choose from the list of unarguably the best BJJ practisioners in the sport.[/quote']


Please, don't ever make a thread unless you know WTF you are talking about.


Brock Lesnar on a best of BJJ thread? Are you kidding me. Stop trolling.


Where the F is BJ Penn on your list?



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