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Will all fight nights be on Versus?


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I'm going to be pissed off if this is so... I understand that the coming fight night is a regular UFC reg event worthy card, but I think at least the fight nights should be free, and some regular events such as Couture vs. Vera.


UFC needs to be a little more generous to pick up more fans faster, because nobody's going to pay for a PPV saying, "Oh I think I'll pay $50 to see if this is any good." No! That wouldn't happen. Free events get more views by new viewers.

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well, if the UFC is going to air less Fight night events on Spike, I will reciprocate by buying less PPV events.


If we all did this, the UFC would quickly make events more accessible and you would not have Mark Coleman headlining a PPV event.


The winner gets a gold plated walker

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