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Jean Claude Van Damme


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JCVD was a ballerina not a fighter....


Actually, while he was a ballerina, he had a well known, legit, martial art background. He has won numerous martial arts competitions. I wouldn't say he is on calibre with someone as per say, like, Michael Jai White, but he does know what he is doing.


He'd get killed in MMA though. Isn't Jean Claude like 50?

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I've actually heard somewhere that he was going to have a k-1 bout with some guy. Not sure if it's legit or not since I don't remember where I heard that.


That's the last I heard too, I remember one of the rules he wanted was no elbows.




Supposedly March of this year. Van Damme seems to be friends or at least acquaintances with Fedor and Cro Cop. I'm sure Cro Cop can help him out a bit for training.

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