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Why MMA isnt fightings be all end all


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The simple fact of the matter is that mixed martial arts (or vale tudo) cannot be considered the be all end of fighting (at the end i list MMA's biggest flaw in comparison to real fighting), many styles are superior as i will mention in the afor. For the following reasons. Craig Marduk is a listed MMA fighter in the popular "Tekken" games, and in the story line he loses to King, a pro wrestler. Every body knows Tekken is the measuring stick for all things combat; and if Tekken creates an MMA charachter who isnt dominant; then MMA isn't dominant. Now as you all know Jin was the winner of King of Ironfist 5; meaning that eastern karate when coupled with archaic demonic genes biologically engienered by an evil corperation is the pinical of combat. A more worth while organisation; NOT the UFC. Should be constructed for other fighters of a karate and devil gene heritage to prove their worth; or KCWDGGEBAEC- as this would be the orginsations acronym

Think MMA is worth its wieght in gold?

Well here is the BIGGEST flaw which seperates it from real fighting.


You cant even do a haduken.

Or turn super saiyan.

Think Lesnar is special? pfft, like to see him fight a super saiyan three goku.

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