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UK UFC event


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Mir, Machida, Silva, GSP and BJ


I think Brock if hes ok but if Nog fights for the belt in 2010 i think hes champ

then Shogun,Silva if he dont retire if he do Marquat,Gsp,Bj penn

and cain valasques will never be champ :P for the same reason bisping wont hes skilled but havent got natural power which imo u need to for both there fight styles as they both dont use much offensive bjj.

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Much as I hate to admit it, I can't see the UFC coming to Scotland any time soon.


1- We lack appropriate venues for a few reasons...


i-They simply couldn't fill our big stadiums, and outdoor MMA is unlikely in our climate anyways.

ii- Our arenas are kinda second rate - until the new arena @ the SECC is built (2012) our best choices are Braehead, Hall 4 @ the SECC and the AECC - none of which are really big or shiny enough for a full capacity UFC event. Machester, Birmingham and London offer far better facilities (for now.)


2- Why risk an event in a relatively untested MMA market, which lacks a 'banner' star? Scotland has long been a hotbed for martial arts, especially karate but as yet our biggest contribution to MMA has been the Dinky Ninjas Fight team, SportFight Scotland and Paul McVeigh. not exactly setting the heather on fire, sadly...


Until a Scottish fighter gets a UFC contract, I can't see the UFC coming here, as Dana is savvy enough to understand that Bisping's 'brash northerner' persona would make him very much the heel in Scotland... It might be hard for most American's to understand but the UK is NOT a monoculture...


While the UFC will continue to grow in the UK & Europe, there is simply little enough motivation to bring an event to Scotland, when Manchester is a few hours drive away (practically next door by US standards) and is a far more assured venue.


Hey, pro wrestling has been huge in the UK for twenty years and they've never beamed a live show from Scotland yet....

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