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My name's Mikey and Frank Mirr my favorite fighter

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Hi my names Mikey, I'm 28 years old, Frank Mirr is my favorite fighter and I think he would beat Fedor Emelianenko 99/100 times! Frank Mir has faced more tough competition in his career than Fedor. Fedor has only fought heath herring, nogueira 3 x, cro cop, kevin randleman, mark coleman 2 x, mark hunt, tim sylvia, andrei arlovski, and brett rogers, nobody good like mir has fought and beaten nogueira (he finished him doesn't matter if it was 5 years after fedor since Nogueira is just now entering his prime), TimS ylvia, Brock 1-1, umm....Tank Abbott, Wes Sims 2 X, Dan Christianson, umm......Antoni Hardonk, Roberto Traven, Pete Williams, and lots and lots of tough guys! OH, don't forget Cheick Kongo!



Frank Mir #1 Heavyweight in world and of all time























I'm have down syndrome and live in basement at my mom's!

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