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Diego Sanchez vs Nate Diaz


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Sanchez wrote to Diaz about a possible fight between the two


"I agree you got robbed," Sanchez wrote to Nate Diaz. "I hear you're going up to 170 too. I would love to welcome you to welterweight. Let's make it happen."



I agree that if they are both going to WW then it's only logical that they meet in the octagon. Season 1 TUF winner vs Season 5 TUF winner. Also Nate can go in looking to accomplish what his brother was unable to do.

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IF Diaz and Diego are moving up, its still speculation.


Smart move for both, Diaz really doesn't look healty as a LW and nether does Diego for that matter.


Diego beats up the LW divisioin less BJ slaughtering him? not much point to stick round in his eyes I guess, not too mention I like the Match-ups for Diego at WW, especially a couple rematches and other great match-ups like Diego vs Alvez

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Diego is still a young guy, i hope he keeps developing skills. Time is nowhere near running out on him.


Nate and Florian look like death camp survivors at 155. I can't see either of them handling Diego at 155.


Send Nate packing and bring back Nick Diaz his fights are always great. Diego should stay at 155 and keep working and developing.

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you mean he can go in looking to accomplish what his brother was able to do. lose.




Funny thing is it's true. Diego is excellent at stifling submissions, and Nate relies on that heavily. I'm sure Nate will be able to pull off his ***** slaps for awhile, while probably getting taken down the entire match.


I doubt Diego really feels for Nate. He knows his brother and him are both tools.

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