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Does anyone have any evidence whatsoever that Brock was/is that ill?


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I haven't seen one credible report or heard one statement from a medical professional confirming that Brock Lesnar is/was as ill as we've all been lead to believe. In fact all the information has been given to us by sources inside the UFC or directly connected to Lesnar's training camp.


Lets think about this from a purely business perspective. Lesnar came into the UFC and was a huge success at generating a great amount of revenue for the company. He performed well and, loathe him or not, won the title fair and square. Every fight involving Brock has the potential to break ppv records again and again, until he loses of course, then his stock immediately plummets, at the same time squashing a fair amount of interest in a Brock/Fedor superfight (it will happen, mark my words. there's too much money involved for it not to). So what does the UFC do? Do they risk putting their biggest cash cow up against some of the more dangerous HW opponents or do they find a way to prolong Lesnar's marketability? I think they decide to put Lesnar on ice, allow the HWs to sort themselves out for the interim title and then bring Brock back for an even bigger fight. And if he loses the spin will be that he's just coming back from a "life threatening almost career ending illness" and they can immediately start hyping his next fight when he will be at "100%".


The UFC will have effectively taken an average fighter and milked him for far more than his talent or skill would have ever earned him. They're geniuses...evil geniuses but geniuses nonetheless :)

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