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David ""The Crow" Loiseau will fight for free


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am I the only one that think David Loiseau is trying hard to get another shot at the UFC ?


don't get me wrong, Loiseau is a great man, to fight in the ufc for free in order to help his origin country.


what i'm trying to say right here, is that Loiseau is trying to make a smart move. We all know that when his UFC contract ran out, Dana White did not resign him. Now, he sure would love to get back on the big show.


His offer is smart. he would fight for a great cause.. Dana White refusing this offer would make the UFC look bad. At that point Loiseau would have his feet in the octagon and if he put up a great performance, he would force the hand of the UFC to give him a new contract.


Smart, David.. real smart.


And considering that the UFC is in Montr?al in just a few months (Loiseau's from Montreal) he would fit in nicely on the prelims... that man played his cards nicely.

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