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Rashad Vs Rampage Moved to ufc 114


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cant find the link .but its been confirmed sorr for the other thread lol


Makes sense for a few reasons. Not needed as Co Main now it has Koscheck and Daley, UFC 114 does need a Main Event and looking at current scheduling would be hard to put a title fight on there, and Rashad v Rampage is about the biggest drawing non title fight out there.


Also closer to A-Team release so some cross promotion will no doubt be done, everyones a winner.

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I'm extremely disappointed with this as I was going to go to Montreal to see this show.

The Rampage/Rashad fight put the icing on the cake along with Cote/Belcher and Shogun/Machida. But I doubt I'll go now.


This is because the UFC are using up all of their good fights in the matter of 3 events. After 113 who would they have for headliners? It would be stale fights so they are gonna split the super card for 2 main events. Kind of sucks, but whatever.

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