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Interview: Firas Zahabi (GSP trainer)


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Q: How is Georges progressing preparing for Hardy. Is his health where it should be?


Firas Zahabi: It's getting scary. Georges is getting better and better, believe it or not. If I compare him to last year he is far beyond where he was. He's a very scary individual. I can't even put him in with anybody his size. I have to bring in guys who are much bigger, much stronger. I had Nate Marquardt and Rashad Evans come in last week to challenge Georges. It's getting very tricky now. I can't put him with another welterweight because there is no other welterweight right now I can bring in who can make Georges sweat. We're looking to bring in Gegard Mousasi who is at 205 to work with Georges. I'm reaching out for big, strong guys to challenge him.

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Very good interview. I think this:

Jon Jones is going to be coming down' date=' he has a big fight coming up also, against Brandon Vera.[/i']


Doesn't bode to well for Hardy in the striking dept.


jon jones has been going to the tri start for a while now, when you have phil nurse as a mauy thai coach, you know you're gonna be good

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