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Good quality video: Brock and Dana on ESPN


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Man I dont know he still looked really small, maybe just his arms and maybe its cause Dana seemed bigger than I thought he should look beside Lesnar. Dana has seemed like he has thickened out dunno if its good or bad weight, maybe that was it. His arms need to tone back up I saw that for sure, he should have plenty of time to get in shape tho. Hope if he does come back and lose we wont here that he wasnt back in full form, I'm sure that wont happen...

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**** Brock Lesner,


"I had to get away from those Canadian Doctors" and he went to "the Hospital in Canada"


first off, Canadian Doctors are just as good if not better then American, due to the fact that its harder to get into Med school through Canada...god damn nieve american.


I did feel bad for Brock about him being pretty sick, But now I hope Frank rips his arm off and beats him with it.

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