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What is the best way?


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What is the best way to stay informed about when tickets go on sale?


I have never been to a UFC event and I heard they are planning on coming to boston. Maybe this summer. I definetely want to be on top of buying tickets as soon as they go on sale. I think boston will sell out fast and don't want to miss it.


Do you normally buy tickets off of UFC.com or another vendor? I would greatly appreciate any input from people who have bought tickets before or waited for the exact time the tickets went on sale. Some of the places have sold out before they even announce a fight.

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If you want Montreal tickets' date=' I suggest you think about joining FIght Club. The last 2 events in Montreal sold out through pre-sale alone.[/quote']


Although GSP was on both those cards and probably won't be on this one. Either way your probably right.


If you want Vancouver tickets you WILL need to join fight club. That place is going to sell out in a blink. We have been waiting way to long for this.

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