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I'm Committing UFC Forum Suicide


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Take care everybody. Been spending too much time on this darn site. hehe nice knowin yall.

Mods I don't know if you can just ban me forever so I don't have to make a thread to do it.


Why not just stop posting, but keep your account alive so you can come back at a later date and get owned via FREESTYLE again!!:)

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I'm sorry' date=' i just feel that taking someones likeness and using it for cheap humour is tasteless. I am still shocked and appalled that we allow threads like the "funny pictures" thread to exist. Do you know that I actually saw an animated photo of someones head being knocked off? Complete with blood and all! As if this were a mortal kombat game and not an mma forum. What if that fighters family saw this? For shame! I know some of the mods agree with me that photoshopping so called "humorous" pictures is evil and mean, and EVERY poster who partakes in such deviant behaviour should be given their walking papers.[/quote']


HAHAHAHAHAHA oh my goodness

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