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Just a rant about fanboys (even if I am one)


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Call me a "Brocktard" but the only fighters I see beating him in a dominating fashion are Carwin, JDS, and Mir. Carwin and JDS via K.O. and Mir can catch him in a submission. I really do not see any one else (maybe Nog via sub) beating him because of his size and strength. BUT! Lesnar is a beast that can, and will get caught one day. All I know is that the "Hardcore" MMA fans need a reality check. This sport (like it or not) is getting HUGE! And all sorts of "athletes" are going to try their hand at it. So instead of hating on people, why not embrace it! Jose Canseco got his **** whooped, and Im thinking Herschel Walker will to. So why not enjoy these "athletes" grasping at the last straws of fame! But People like Brock Lesnar, Bobby Lashley, and I hate to say it Kimbo Slice might be good at it. Thats how the sport will grow, like it or not. So Stop acting like silly little "band groupies" who only like the music because "no one else has heard of the band" and just enjoy the ride. But thats just my opinion, I have the interwebs, and God knows on the interwebs EVERYONE can whoop your ****... **** talk in 3... 2... 1... GO!

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