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UFC 112..Update


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A press conference has been set for Jan. 27 to announce UFC's Middle East debut for UFC 112 in Abu Dhabi.


"We're going to have a big press conference in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday, with our new partners from the region, Flash," said Marshall Zelaznik, UFC's managing director of international expansion. "(Zuffa CEO) Lorenzo and myself will be there wwith some of the biggest names on the UFC roster. I don't want to give away the official announcement, but this will be a very unique show and not just because the card itself will be as good as any in UFC history."


The show is expected to be the first outdoor UFC event in history.


As things stand right now, the top three matches, all of which are expected to be announced at the press conference are:


Anderson Silva vs. Vitor Belfort for the middleweight title


B.J. Penn vs. Frankie Edgar for the lightweight title


Renzo Gracie vs. Matt Hughes those have been confirmed 100 percent..

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Can't wait.. two title fights in one card.woot woot...I wonder how much the tickets are gonna be.. I think I have to start saving up starting two months ago :S


Kendell is fighting some dude as well.. can't recall.

freaking noobs have posted a pic of dubai on mma convert , when the UFC is taking place in Abu dhabi..

Oh and I was with GSP on a yaught a couple of weeks back In Abu dhabi.. he came down here for some wrestling training ...his wrestling coach was awesome.. GSP was shorter than I expected..He should work on his fake smiles , though.. haha.

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