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Renzo Gracie Discusses UFC 112 Debut Against Matt Hughes


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What is this Matt Hughes should retire crap??? What, b/c he can't beat GSP he should retire now?? Or is it b/c the LnP he did against Serra shows he doesn't have it anymore??? Come on guys, watch carefully, most of his career all he did on the ground, for the most part, was LnP........until he got a submission. Matt Hughes hasn't showed the first sign of wear and tear. His reflexes haven't slowed with age. He's prolly stronger now than he was a few years ago. He's got great genetics.


I will admit though that his boxing gets worse and worse with each fight. I know he that he stands in the southpaw position b/c thats how he stood in his wrestling days but that only makes his boxing look even more awful. Look at his earlier fights, like maybe his first title run, when he was standing in the right handers stance his boxing wasn't half-bad back then. It's really odd that a form of someone's fighting can get that much worse throughout the years. But boxing aside, he's still got it and I can't wait to see his fight with Renzo. Renzo is gonna test his standup. Renzo's got pretty good standup. He's gonna force Matt to take him down and i'm extremely interested to see how that turns out.

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