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Amatuer MMA rules


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Heres the rules for The Irish MMA leagues (amateur)





1.No hair-pulling, biting, eye gouging, head-butting, ear pulling or fish-hooking.

2.No elbow strikes permitted.

3.No manipulation of small joints (fingers, toes).

4.No striking directly to joints.

5.No holding of gloves or other safety equipment.

6.No heel-hooking or any other technique that places a twisting motion on the ankle or knee joint.

7.No standing submission attempts

8.No pulling of clothing permitted except to opponent's belt, or to opponents wearing GI's.

9.No striking directly to spine.

10.No neck cranking attacks such as Can-opener, Crucifix etc.

11.No groin strikes permitted.

12.Striking not permitted for fighters at different levels (e.g., one grounded, one standing).

13.Directly attacking the nose is not permitted.

14.Any technique which results in, or is liable to result in, your opponent being spiked (dropped directly on to his/her head).

15.Throat strikes of any kind, including without limitation, grabbing the trachea or clavicle.

16.Clawing, pinching or twisting the flesh.

17.Kicking to the kidney with the heel.

18.Throwing the competitor out of the fighting area.





1.All league matches that go the full 5 minutes will be classified as a draw - there is no judge's decision.


2.All matches are full-contact.

3.The referee can warn or disqualify any competitor for disobeying the rules.

4.If a fighter is not intelligently defending himself then the referee will stop the match.

5.The referee's instructions must be adhered to and his or her decisions are final.

6.Gum Shields must remain in the mouth at all times. The referee may pause the action to replace gum shields that have fallen from a competitor's mouth.

7.Safety equipment must remain properly attached to the body. The referee can pause the action for required adjustment of any safety equipment.

8.A fighter is classed as 'grounded' if any part of their body, except for the soles of the feet, comes into contact with the mat.

9.Fighters must remain within the fighting area. Failure to do so could result in a warning for standing fighters or a re-start for grounded fighters.

10.The referee can stand grounded fighters if there is a prolonged 'lack of action' on the ground.

11.One coach is allowed in the fighting area. Coaches must keep outside the matted area.

12.All competitors are expected to behave in a 'sportsman-like' manner.

13.Competitors who wish to retire at any stage must communicate this to the competition host.

14.No oils (including Vaseline) may be applied to any part of the body.

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