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Stupidest reality show - Mantracker


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Dude' date=' you're on a horse.


Give them the horse and you go on foot and catch them, THEN YOU'LL HAVE SOMETHING.[/quote']





True...if you have a line of sight...and it's open terrain...you'll catch them every time..


The advantage on foot is..you can easily go places...provided they are there...that a horse can't.


But I'd bet you A MILLION bucks that whenever they set these courses..that the area just before the finish is pretty much wide open..so that if the dude..ever totally loses them...he can just go to an open area he knows is ahead...and as long as he's there waiting..he's got a decent shot at catching them.


Because I'm sorry man..I don't care HOW good the guy is at tracking..if ALL there is...between me and a finish line...is dense to medium forrest...with a couple streams and rivers...I WILL get there without you catching me..the problem is that ****ing horse...you nailed it....that horse and open fields a half mile from the finish....





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