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Hiya guys and girls


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Names Gordon and i am a 29 year old from Glasgow ,Scotland .I have been watching MMA for around 15 years and whereas i think the ultimate fighter has been great at announcing MMA to a wider audience i have noticed that this is when the boo boys appeared. You all know the ones ,Soon as the fight hits the ground they dont appreciate the skill thats going on so they just let out their BOO,S. I think we need to stamp the booing out. My fav fighter is Anderson Silva (Striking is impeccable) followed by BJ Penn. I think Fedor is very beatable and that Rampage is the man to beat Machida. Hope to talk with y,all soon

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welcome to the forum man im from scotland too


happyhammer is a very respectable forum member


people you have to look out for is trolls like SCO and AK


they try and lead you into threads by stupid accuasations and ideas dont get hauled in haha


any questions im sure happyhammer and me will be willing to help

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