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Mark Coleman ?The Hammer is ready for The Natural?


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PDG: In a recent interview on PDG, Randy Couture talked about how you beat him in a wrestling match some years back so he has been looking forward to this rematch for a long time.


Mark Coleman: Yeah it was back in 1989 and I remember it pretty clearly because he head-butted me in the chin and I ended up having to get stitches after the match. So I guess I'll have to get in a head-butt this time around.


PDG: The turning point for you at this stage in your career came at UFC 100 when you were a big underdog going into your fight against Stephan Bonnar; you controlled the entire fight and took the unanimous decision victory. What did that do for your confidence overall and how you're feeling now going into your fight against Couture?


Mark Coleman: It was definitely a much-needed win and it certainly helped improve my confidence because when you lose a couple of fights in a row sometimes your mind can get used to losing. The same goes for winning though and I got the win in that fight, so my confidence is high going into UFC 109. I have had a great training camp and this is going to be one hell of a fight because he is one of the best ever in my opinion and he is very mentally tough; which is one of the most important things in this sport and I actually think that is his best attribute. But like I said I've had a great training camp and I fully expect to win this fight.

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