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UFC 113 Looking really good! Shogun gets his chance!


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i personally think its gay that machida is fighting rua theres alot of fighters in the 205 division that deserve their first crack at machida. yes it was a contreversial fight and all that but i just think its bunk. and then when machida wins everyone is gonna be like hes unstoppable cus he beat the same dude twice which sorry but machida is def beatable

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Shogun get's his chance to lose again. haha

Both are great fighters' date=' most people will be rooting for Rua; and I will be rooting for MACHIDA![/quote']


I see no decision happening this time regardless.

+ 2


!!machida all the way!!



I dont really like semtex, but I hope

he beats the cr-ap outta koschek!

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