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Even CBS who has a deal with Strikeforce gives the UFC more support! Hilarious


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Thats nice.


But why would a TV network not cover UFC stiff on their webpage.


Are they supposed to only carry Strikeforce news because they happen to broadcast Strikeforce events.


That is the UFC attitude. I have frankly never encountered it anywhere else.


Pure Bush LEague.

Fact of the matter is, the day after a CBS Strikeforce event, there is not a single mention of them on their homepage and it's all UFC.

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BTW Strikeforce evolution doesn;t happen until 30 JAnuary.


How can you have CBSs webpage for the day after already.

Nice. Unfortunately the event in December was also called Strikeforce: Evolution.




The fact if the matter is that Strikeforce is on primetime network TV while the UFC is on Spike.


Thats the fact of the matter.


The UFC makes their money from PPV.

Strikeforce has never sold over a 100 k ppvs in their existence.


The UFC has done close to 2 million before.


The UFC could easily be on a network right now giving fights away for free but the bottom line is Dana and co want a much more lucrative deal than the scaps CBS offered Strikeforce.

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