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Mir haters lol


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Just get over it already?


Your all like a bunch of baby's


"i am tired of Mir i want him to go away" "He sucks, he don't even know how to fight"


Listin lol Mir's champ and inst going away anytime soon


I hate brock, do you see me crying about it and saying i hope he never comes to the ufc? No?


So my question is.. why are you a bunch of cry babys?


just shut up already huh?




had to.

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I like Mir. I can see why people dislike him though, because he runs his mouth. He wins though, he had the better of Brock in the brief stand-up exchange they had in their second match. To be fair though, Brock is a perfect fit for MMA. If your a Mir hater, just watch one of his losses and shut up, when he get beat, he gets beat bad.

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