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Everybody, Great NEWS!


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Fedor the Coward


The coward Fedor


dude.....y is this the only thing u ever write??? u sound like a fckn idiot!!! coward????? u try living the way he has instead of living via computer. people like u make it so hard for the intelligent mma fan to chat with like minded ADULTS

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Brock Lesnar is healthy again! *joyous screams*

He's the bestest Heavyweight ever and is so much gooder that Fedor!


I lurv the UFC!!!1!!11!!!oneone!!!


OMYGAWD! That is the best thing to ever hapen to MMA' date=' ever!


Fedor is a made up fighter you guys are all silly he doesnt even exist I just checked the UFC roster.


Agreed, I cant find anything about this guy neither, I looked twice!

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wouldnt it be funny if in brock vs mir 3 mir just goes swinging at brocks intestines lol


You mean swinging at Brock "Bowels of Steel" Lesnar?


No way man thats a good way to break a shin!


I heard they put over a half a mile of exhaust pipe in there with a glass pack so Brock can rip em real ugly! Sounds like a two ton diesel from outside the bathroom door!

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