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MMA Tycoon


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Anyone on here playing MMA tycoon? I just signed up yesterday. It's pretty in depth. You can create up to 4 fighters on a free membership and run their careers trying to get sponsors, and fight contracts in different cities around the world. Or to be more in depth you can sign up for the paid for VIP membership and have 10 fighters and also run your own company be it a fight org, supplement, or clothing company. Check it out it's pretty sweet. And if you make a Hilo based LW, or WW fighter I still have spots on my first card for a 2 event tourny to the belts!!



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I am trying this thing out now' date=' and I made a figher, but how do I get him contracts, fights, and sponsers? Just let him train and wait?[/quote']


If you go to the forums there are threads for contracts and sponsorships which put you in touch with the owners. You can also fight in the QFC which just puts you up against another player not signed to a contract. Get a couple wins there and you'll get picked up by someone. Or what I did was went to highstreet on my fighters area, and found organizations that had posts about recruiting fighters most of the newer ones are looking for fighters.


I use to play this' date=' but not anymore.

You have to wait till someone offers you a contract.

It just takes forever.[/quote']


At first I thought that but just try pretending your Dana White in the game and make things happen! So far that's working for me lol!!

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