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Hendo in New EA Sports MMA Game


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The roster for ?EA Sports MMA? continues to grow as the gaming giant recently announced that former Pride champion Dan Henderson.


You gotta think he did this on purpose after leaving UFC.


Dude, you and Hendo got something going on, you can't seem to shush about him ;) You know i'm just kidding man :P EA Sports MMA is a game i'm not getting excited about.

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Honestly I am looking forward to EA MMA much more than I am UFC 2010 just because of how crappy ufc undisputed is. I don't understand how people love that game. All the fighters are so..generic and boring. I will most likely pick up both but they're going to need to greatly improve on the last ufc game.


EA have tons of experience making games like that etc, gameplay will no doubt be better than ufc 2009. However, i'm anticipating a major improvement the second time round.

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