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MMA Tycoon or MMA army?


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Just read a post about MMA Tycoon. Until now I didn't really know of either of them. Thought maybe I would give one a try. Which one do you guys prefer...??


MMA Army....I signed up for Tycoon but I don't really get it...nor do I feel like reading up on it. MMA Army is pretty easy to figure out.

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I have played both.

I quit tycoon a few months ago. Just to involved for me. And it is a real time game. Takes forever to get in one fight. And' date=' the good old boy network kinda sucks there.

MMArmy all the way.[/quote']


So it is real time...thats what I thought...eh Im all set with that then. MMArmy ftw. If I can get 1 more win that will put my current active record at 500. 14-15 for Active right now...14-22 overall..I cut an 0-7 guy...did everything in my power to get him a W but he just sucked.

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