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SERRA VS TRIGG: Loser Leaves Town?


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Frank Trigg and Matt Serra, who meet in the Octagon on Feb. 6 at UFC 109, are different in a lot of ways, but do share one crucial idea. Both need a win in order to stay amongst the elite of the UFC’s welterweight division. The loser is likely to receive his walking papers.


“There’s really no reason for the UFC to keep either one of us around if we lose,” said Trigg while speaking with MMAWeekly.com.


In an interview with Steve Cofield on ESPN 1100 Radio in Las Vegas, Trigg claimed while he and Serra are both at the tail end of their careers, he has more to fight for and “The Terror” might not be as hungry for a win.


“Serra, when I’m punching him in his head, he’s going to be thinking in the back of his head ‘you know what, I can teach a couple of more guys, get some brown belts and make a lot of money doing that. Why do I need to keep getting punched in the face?’” the former Icon Sport middleweight champion expounded while speaking with Cofield.


“For him, he has something else, another option to go to. So he’s not really going to get into that desperation set where I need to fight and win this fight, where I’m still kind of desperate. Really, if they told me today that ‘you can’t fight anymore; you’re done fighting.’ I’d still be like I don’t know what the hell I’m going to have to do for money. I might have to go work at Subway.”


The two-time UFC title challenger understands that going 0-2 in his return to the organization after a four-year absence isn’t the best way to cap off what was supposed to be his last run towards the top. He knows full well that there are plenty of guys waiting in the wings to try and take his spot.


“If we’re not ever going to be in title contention again, if either one of us is never really going to be viable within the weight class, why would they really want to keep us around if there are guys who are bigger, faster, stronger at the same weight class that can come in and take over our spots and do a little bit better than we can?”


The former color commentator for the Pride Fighting Championships has no intentions of allowing the UFC to consider terminating him.


“I can totally see (the UFC) getting rid of Matt when he loses,” said Trigg.


“I can see that happening. He lost to (Georges St-Pierre) and then he loses to (Matt) Hughes and he loses to Trigg. I mean, it’s kind of at that point, ‘well dude, you just lost to two former champs and some nobody, at that point it’s kind of time to hang it up.’”


Serra, who dethroned St-Pierre at UFC 69 to claim the welterweight title before losing it in their rematch, agrees with Trigg’s assessment, though he’s not feeling the pressure. In fact, its Trigg’s sense of urgency for a win that Serra feels will be to his advantage.


“Obviously Trigg’s a guy that his back is definitely against the wall,” said the 35-year-old Long Island native.


“I think there’s a lot more pressure on him than myself.


“He said this could be the last you see of Matt Serra after this fight. He’ll have to go back to his schools and teach and this and that. Listen, when it’s all said and done, the guy is fully right. When I’m not fighting anymore I’ll be chillin’ at my two successful schools. I’ve got that going for me, but he’ll be selling his Triggonomics shirts out of the back of his trunk. Where can I get one of those?


“Where can I get a Triggonomics shirt? I can’t find one of those.”



Before this fight was announced i was wondering why i barely see Matt Serra fight?. For the past 6 years he has only had 6 fights. That's 1 fight each year from 2004 to 2009. He beat GSP in April 07, was supposed to defend the title againts Hughes. Hurt his back. After the aniversary of his win he lost the belt to GSP in April of 08. then he fought Hughes in May of 2009. What's up with all the year long gaps what's the point in him fighting in the UFC? Might as well he just stick to teaching.


As for Trigg. It's not to say that he can't fight but he is 2-4 in the UFC. Gave his back three times and got knocked out. All in the 1st rounds......... Meh .......i don't care much for him anyways.

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Serra's a beast. Why should he leave the UFC? He beat up Matt Hughes, so much so that Hughes did nothing but lay on him for the second and third round.


Frank Trigg is a joke. Dude's basically a skinny version of Tito Ortiz, all talk, and no action. He should be in Strikeforce. He can hype up his matches.


I predict an easy win for Serra.

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