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How important would it be to you to avenge previous losses???


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I keep hearing people hype up Florian and Gomi, but as far as I'm concerned Gomi should be the last thing on Florians mind at this stage in his career. He's the best he's ever been and what better way to prove that (and how far you've come since those losses) than to take out those who previously took you out? Even if Florian was champion he should welcome a title defense against Sherk and Sanchez despite what they've done their previous fights just so speculation is removed from anyone's mind. He should be trying to avenge his previous losses and than when he's done doing that, take out Gomi if he's in his way of another title shot. I believe if a poll was taken with all three of those fights as choices (for Florian) the majority of people would overwhelmingly be in favor of 1.) Sanchez 2.) Sherk and 3.) Gomi.


Based upon your own personalities how would you feel about avenging previous losses?

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