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UFC Fighter vs. Non UFC Fighter


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If you could make a super match between someone in the UFC and someone out of it...who would it be? my favs are


Fedor v. Brock (so fedor could destroy brock)

Gegard v. Lyoto

Aoki v. Penn

Kimbo v. Rogers



Rogers would destroy Kimbo, Penn would beat Aoki, Lyoto would pull a decision against Gegard and Fedor would beat Brock

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I really like Mousasi, hes a great fighter but i feel he would be the under dog against Machida.


Cung Le vs Jean Claude van damme


Would indeed be an awsome fight. StrikeForce would get some series PPV with that one


Aoki vs penn and Fedor vs brock are way to obvious everybody wants to see them.


Fedor vs Mir

Rodgers vs JDS

Overeem vs JDS

Malendez vs KenFlo

King MO vs Rampage

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