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Dennis Hallman


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ok honestly i've never heard of this dude...shows what the power of marketing can do

why is he not more well known

i mean the man has a 64-13-2' date=' 1 NC record and he's only 34


can anyone give me some info on this man?[/quote']


ive heard of him, he is best known for beating Matt Hughes twice and rather easily

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You should really check out some of his fights' date=' the wins he had over Hughes were probably his biggest though.


He also lost to Trigg(x2), Fickett, Pulver, Uno, Menne and had a NC with Kang.


Guy has definitely been around.


And I'm pretty sure his record is 41 wins not 64.[/quote']


yup i definetly will check him out

and as far as his record goes...like i said i've never heard of him so i have no clue

but in the fighters section thats what it shows his record as

but then again...it list shane carwin at 6'5 which is BS so who knows

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