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can anyone please tell me some good plyo workout's?

i've heard of them numerous times but never really looked into them

i just found out what they do and i want to add some(even though i have no clue what to do) to my workout routine


any help would be greatly appreciated

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You can start here...



An good article with examples. I don't know a lot about them yet.


Try to get your hands on the Plyometrics DVD from the P90X workout. You will learn a few things there to incorporate into your workout.


thanks fellas;)

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plyometrics is explosive jump power.


warm up first then stretch and then....


2 mins jump squats - touch the floor explode up and reach as high as you can and repeat.

30 seconds rest

2 mins heisman lunges - raise one knee high and to the side, lunge as far to the side and repeat.

30 rest

2 mins hops - hop forward hop back

30 seconds rest

2 mins forward lunges - lunge forward 2-4 times turn around and lunge back. alternate legs

30 seconds rest



repeat this 2 more times then stretch and cool down

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