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Mass Effect 2 and other upcoming releases


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Waiting for these bastards from UPS to deliver my Mass Effect 2. I can't wait. GOTY in January. Calling it now.


April will be expensive, too. Alan Wake, Splinter Cell Conviction and Red Dead Redemption.


FYI, once I get Mass Effect 2, you guys might not hear from me for a few weeks.


Scott Hutchy. Mass Effect isn't really like any other games. It's a sci fi shooter RPG. There's a lot of choice in how you go about the story (sacrificing squad mates, killing people or letting them go, commiting genocide on an entire species or not).


Don't go in expecting Call Of Duty non stop action. But story telling and the combination of shooting/rpg elements is second to none.


96 on metacritic so far.

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Just fired up Mass Effect 2 for the a while and OMG... only played the first part but it was ****ing epic! The first was my favorite game this gen, this one already seems better in EVERY way. An RPG that controls better than most pure shooters. Certainly better than GTA, Army Of 2 and most other cover shooters.


And the game is SO much more cinematic it's unbelievable.

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