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Everybody Start A "We Want Silva vs GSP" Thread


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Poll coming soon!


This is an Idea started by Technique and I which I hope will catch on. If enough people want to see this fight the UFC will have more incentive to make it happen. Also if you have any other ideas for fights that need to happen start a poll. Hopefully this will catch on.


The idea is to just vote. If you have a lot of friends that normally watch the events with you but don't have an account then post +whatever number you have. It's a small sample size compared to the number of casual fans out there but if a huge proportion of diehard fans want to see this fight it will translate. The build up show will be enormous. It would be up to the UFC to reach the rest of the fans but i feel this would be fairly easy.


If this poll inflates to what I hope it will we may see results

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