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Defining fights: Randy Couture


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Randy Couture was born in 1963, which makes him just 4 years younger than my father, and in a couple weeks will be fighting as the main event in the most prestigious mma organization of all time. That in and of itself is enough to respect the man's tenacity and work ethic, but there is more to him than his refusal to let age destroy him as an athlete. He's made a career of defying the odds and not just beating, but destroying foes that are overwhelming favorites. He has done it time and time again to fighters that are both much younger and significantly larger.


His whole career, even as a heavyweight, he has been smaller than most light-heavyweights (and some middleweights), and still he fought 300 pound men that look like they escaped from the zoo. He never had size, strength, or speed advantages, he always just relied on gameplanning, willpower, hard work, and skill. The man has balls so big that they have their own strong gravitational pull. His whole career, he has been put into many situations that everyone other than himself viewed as being dangerous, and in almost all of those times....


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