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best upcoming ufc event?


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UFC 109

coleman vs couture, sonnen vs marquardt, maia vs d.miller, serra vs trigg


UFC 110

nogueira vs velasquez, silva vs bisping, jardine vs bader, cro cop vs rothwell


UFC 111

st pierre vs hardy, mir vs carwin, bocek vs j.miller, alves vs fitch??


UFC 112

a.silva vs belfort??, penn vs edgar??, hughes vs renzo gracie??,


UFC 113

koscheck vs daley, machida vs shogun?? cote vs belcher?? kimbo vs mitrione??


not sure if this is really reliable....wikipedia searched.....and not sure how exactly to post a poll....everything with a question mark is supposed to be "tentatively scheduled"

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I'm Excited for 110 , 111, 113 and 114 for all good reasons.


110 - Big nog is going to make Cain tap out , and stop all his crazy stupid Hype finally.


111- mir retaining the Interm belt and the chance to take Brocks other leg off in the Rubber match

Also Gsp beating hardy ,

113- Shogun getting his rematch. and Daley Knocking off Koschecks skull .


and 114 for the much anticipated Rampage VS Rashad..... Which i'm undecided on.

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i voted for 113...but i meant 111

but really

all of these events look very good,with the exception of 109(which i'll still watch cause i'd feel like i was missing some big thing in life if i missed an event...lol)only fight really of interest to me in marquardt vs sonnen...but then again,i dont know the rest of the card

im glad UFC is rebounding from the end of '09

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