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Thiago vs. Swick???


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I honestly thought Swick was going to win the fight with Hardey but Hardey nullified just about everything he did.


I don't know much about Thiago other than his very famous stoppage of Koscheck.


This fight coming up has got my attention how do you guys think it will play out!? Haven't seen much discussion about it and it's a big one for me! No I didn't search so sue me if there's other threads about it lol.

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I think it's a good match. They are both well rounded' date=' so it will be interesting to see who's better in what areas. Interesting that Swick is the favorite here. He's had problems in the past with strong guys.[/quote']


I didn't think Thiago was considered a power guy but like I said I haven't seen many of his fights just that fight with Koscheck when Rogan was going on about how Thiago's stand up needed work then BAM down went Kos in the stand up exchange ha!

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