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Ufc 200


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HW bout- Anderson Silva (title holder) vs JDS

LHW bout- Randy (being 70ish) (title holder) vs Tito "I came out of retirment for the fans" Ortiz

MW bout - GSP (title holder) vs BJ 56

WW bout- (from earler that night) - GSP vs BJ 55 (title holder)

LW bout - BJ vs Aoki (title holder)


What a card!

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Clearly BJ would just stand on stage and when they call a different weight class for him' date=' he would either take out or put more rolls of quarters in his pockets[/quote']


And what are your predictions?


I say BJ beats AOKI. GSP smashes BJ at both weight classes. Randy beats Tito and Anderson beats JDS.

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Not only 3 weight classes but 3 fights in one night...Royce would be cheerin like mad from his walker..."just like I used to do it" and theres Kyra say oh shut up grandpa and take your meds


If BJ still hit himself 11 times after every fight that night, that means it would be 33 hits for him by himself that night. I think his record that night would be 2-2, he would KO Aoki & Himself but lost twice to GSP.

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