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I was watching the interview with chael sonnen and he said nate m was ranked 2nd in the world and he was ranked 9th at mw were did he get the rankings from is there an offical site of some kind if so plz post were I could find them thx.




Fav fighters

HW mir,gonzaga,cingo

LHW rampage,j jones,griffin

MW nate m, hendo ,franklin

WW j fitch, a johnson, matt sera

LW bj, roger h,s stout

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most mma, and some sports sites have a ranking list for each division.. but there is no official ranking. it usually just goes off oficial results, and tries to be compariable with popular thought without being bias. a lot of times a ranking list will be slightly different for everyone.

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Hendo and Rampage arent even in the UFC right now


If you felt the need to point this out, maybe you should have also pointed out that roger huerta isn't in the ufc right now either.. but that would only fake you look like more of a fool for misunderstanding that not all fighters exist in the ufc.

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