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Buchholz eating more meat to prepare for Danzig


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Caught up with Team Alpha Male's Justin Buchholz to get his take on the upcoming bout with Mac Danzig at UFC 109.


With it being billed as a "loser leaves town" match, Buchholz had a refreshing outlooked and remains positive and confident despite this.


You can check the full thing here:







You?re coming up to a dangerous fight with Mac Danzig, who is especially known as a good submission guy. How have you been preparing specifically for that threat?


I?ve been eating lots of meat and doing a bunch more jiu-jitsu!







Now, to fans it seems that guys are being cut after nearly every event. How does it work with the UFC, would they tell you they expect you to win your next fight or would it just get sprung on you?


I think it?s just sprung on you... Bottom line, I throw down every time. You can expect nothing less but a great fight every time I step in there and the UFC has definitely appreciated that. What I need to do now is start putting together some wins. I feel like the attitude is ?yeah great, you?ve had some exciting fights but people care about a win/loss record so lets make it happen?.

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Danzig was such a jerk in the TUF house. Sure he held belts in belts in King of The Cage in Gladiators Challange and has way more experience than everyone, but he is by no means above the competition and find it sort of amusing that the UFC has brought him back to reality. I liked Danzig before TUF but never have looked at him the same since.

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