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Baby Isaiah


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My own opinion on this situation as horrible as it sounds is that the baby has already been given 3 months on life support, to give him a chance to show brain function, this has not happened as of yet. The parent want a second opinion and even a third from an American doctor. Not to sound like a **** here but Canadian doctors and hospitals have been getting a bad wrap lately but they are actually quite good, doctors up here do not recommend a patient to be terminated from life support unless they believe fully that there is no chance for survival or recovery, they give you plenty of due time before this happens. 3 months with no improvement is plenty of time to make a medical decision here. But whatever get your second opinion I understand its their baby and they want it to live, but if your second opinion comes back in a way that you don't like, no further legal action should be brought forth.


In cases like this, religious groups argue that its playing god to take someone off life support but at the same time it was playing god to put a person on life support in the first place. And as much as you love somebody and you don't want to see them die, sometimes you need to know when to let them go peacefully. If I was ever in a similar situation I would want my family to be given time to say goodbye and then my life support to be terminated.

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