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Review of UFC action figures - Wave 1


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It's okay to look, I won't tell anyone you did :P


From TheFightNerd.com: The Fight Nerd plays with some toys! This time, he takes on Wave 1 of the UFC action figures, made by Jakks Pacific. This line includes Chuck Liddell, Anderson Silva, Kevin Randleman, Mike Swick, Cheick Kongo, Michael Bisping and Evan Tanner.


at this link here, enjoy

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It has too much articulation. Articulation takes away from detail and creates weird joints on figures. What makes it worse is that these guys are half naked and makes them look even weirder. Look at the chest and the shoulder joints, it looks really weird.


If they are targeting kids then this is fine. If they expect collectors to gobble them up then they should have went with with McFarlane Toys. Their sports line of toys look awesome.

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