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(Video): Bobby Lashley interview


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I'm with Wes Sims' date=' all those guys who judge Wes for his TUF 10 performance havent been here for a while, he might not be the best Heavyweight fighter but he has a huge heart and this is not a sport of logic so anything can happen.


GO WES GO!!![/quote']


As much as i want Wes to win, i'm giving this to Lashley all day long. I hope i eat my words.

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Bobby is confident going in his Strikeforce debut


lashley es otra muestra de la superioridad de los prowrestlers ante los con sinceridad mucha habilidad y fuerza pero carente de esa gran masa muscular y poder fisico superior de los pro wrestler en los pesos pesados no todos obvio pero losmas dominates y fisicultoristas de los prowrestler son mucha carne de ca?on para gran parte de los mma (..excepto el gran kali), claro en otros pesos los peleadores mma son superiores.............

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